London Stock Exchange and the Guildhall, London,

December 8th

Presentation Slidedecks

Trees Abound in Brazil’s Pulp & Paper Industry
Elizabeth de Carvalhaes, President, Brazil Tree Association

Brazil’s Agriculture Industry: Feeding the world at scale, sustainably
Eumar Roberto Novacki, Vice Minister of Agriculture for Brazil

Brazil’s New Economic Narrative

The ratification of the Paris Agreement heralds the beginning of the global transition to a low carbon economy; focus is now shifting from pledges of action to constructing the mechanisms to finance this transition.

Brazil showed great leadership with its Paris commitments (NDCs) and now there is huge potential for it to be a global leader in green finance; to be the world’s engine of sustainable agriculture, food production and clean energy at scale.

It’s been estimated that the low carbon investment potential of meeting Brazil’s NDC commitments to 2030 stands at USD 152 billion. This at a time when global institutional investors are clamouring for investable green infrastructure projects which allow them to minimize transition risk whilst gaining exposure to new growth opportunities.

Brazil’s Green Bond Pipeline coming to London

Green bonds represent a key financing vehicle to engage this capital market demand with the supply of infrastructure investment opportunities generated from Brazil’s low carbon transition. Matching this supply and demand is a narrative with three principle stakeholders: governments, companies and investors. The low carbon transition offers immense benefits for all three; if only the synergies and the right connections can be made and explored.

The first of its kind ‘Investor Roadshow for Brazil’s New Economy’ will facilitate this much-needed interaction by presenting specific green bond pipelines to investors looking for green product and the chance to discover the economic policies being proposed by relevant ministers on supporting market growth.

It will provide a unique opportunity for some of razi' leading banks an companies to understand what investors require and need rom them to catalyse international green investment, whilst investors will witness the wealth of Brazilian green investment opportunities already available.


This invite-only investment roadshow will begin with a Market Opening Ceremony at the historic London Stock Exchange. Delegates and distinguished guests will then move to the grandeur of the City of London’s Guildhall for an opening Ministerial keynote and an overview of Brazil’s economy, including the green investment opportunities arising from the transition to a low carbon economy.

The roadshow will continue with a closed high-level roundtable with investors and distinguished guests. Here, specific, investable green project pipelines will be presented by a variety of Brazil’s most prestigious companies and financial institutions, including BNDES, Suzano Papel & Celulose, CPFL Energia, Ecoagro and Klabin.

Now is the time

With the world’s third largest emerging economy, Brazil is one of the UK’s biggest trade and investment opportunities. Now is the time to tap into the huge investment potential of ‘Brazil’s New Economy’. This investor roadshow will be a crucial step forward as Brazil forges ahead with its transition to a low carbon economy. A showcase of goals, policy measures, and green investment opportunities becoming available; not to be missed by anyone interested in Brazilian green financing opportunities and developments.

This is an invitation-only roadshow, RSVP here.

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